Starter Kit

Starter Kit is all you need to start your journey in the field of Automation. With a set of wifi-enabled power sockets, you can schedule and control the power supply for electrical devices from your finger tips. The starter kit is useful for scheduling electrical consumption for water pumps, Gadgets (laptops/mobile phones), Fan, Microwave, Freeze, Aquarium etc.

Home Appliances
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 9,000.00

Convenience Kit

The convenient kit includes a set of video door phone to talk to the visitors from home inside. The kit includes EM lock as an option to open the gate with the press of a button without walking all the way downstairs. The kit is ideal for multi-storey buildings, senior citizens & housewives.

Main gate visitor management
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 20,000.00

Safety Kit


Safety & Security are our utmost priority. We always aspire towards a safe & secure life for our families. We take a personalized approach to designing and implementing secure living solutions such as enhancing the safety of family members and protecting property and valuables. Home Automation Nepal Security Kit consists of Gas leak sensor, Smoke sensor and Mini hub.

Kitchen Safety Automation
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 35,000.00

Security Kit

Protect and secure your home with burglar alarm systems and monitoring services. The kit, also known as 'Burgular Alarm System'  includes a Smart camera, Door & window sensor, Motion sensor and a zigbee mini hub.

Intruder Management for Home & Offices
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 40,000.00

Corporate Kit


Nothing is more important than providing comfort and suitable environment while discussing and presenting great ideas. Change the ambience of your meeting from a group discussion to a presentation theme with a touch of a button. Blend in your projectors and screens with the interiors and draw them out only when you need.

Board Room
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 50,000.00

Hospitality Kit

Enhances guest experience in just a click . We provide all solutions to make the stay of the guest as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible. For transforming each guest’s experience from excellent to exceptional, we have introduced the cutting-edge technology with in-room features.
Hotel Suite
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 50,000.00

Starter Pro Kit

Starter Pro kit controls the electricity supply as well as remote controlled IR devices like TV, Amplifier, AC, Projectors etc. This kit functions as an universal remote controller and is especially designed for the perfect movie experience 'Home Theatre' entertainment system we have been craving in our homes. 


Living room
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 15,000.00