Secure Living

Security is our utmost priority. We always aspire towards a secure life for our families. We take a personalized approach to designing and implementing secure living solutions such as enhancing the safety of family members and protecting property and valuables.   

Security System

Why should I have a security alarm system?

Security systems provide safety to families from incidents such as burglary, fire and gas leaks.

We are all at risk of not only losing our valuables but also suffering possible harm to our dear ones. You can however protect yourself from intruders to a significant extent with the installation of an electronic security system. Security alarm systems have for decades successfully saved valuable properties and life worldwide. Many burglars are scared away just by the presence of a loud siren from security systems. Further, the security system will immediately call family, neighbors and friends to alert them about the burglary which can result in timely intervention. You own a gorgeous home and possess valuable pieces of art, furniture and electronics. You wouldn’t want your home to be burglarized, but you don’t really like the idea of running wires along your walls to install a security system. Well, why not buy a wireless security system which can be easily installed?

Motion detectors will trigger the alarm upon sensing any motion in the house when the system is armed. Window and door sensors will trigger the alarm when there is a break-in.

Surveillance System

Home Theatre



The perfect movie experience' we have been craving in our homes is now a reality. We have been successfully implementing customized home theaters putting the homeowners right in the heart of action. From basic to full fledged Cinema experience, we customize an entertainment system that meets your expectations.

Home Theatre
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 12,500.00

Convenient Living

Please note that each home or business that desires to benefit from our digital living experiences requires a Digital Living Infoway. If you do not already own one, you will be prompted to include it while customizing your package.


Hotel Room



Enhances guest experience in just a click . We provide all solutions to make the stay of the guest as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible. For transforming each guest’s experience from excellent to exceptional, we have introduced the cutting-edge technology with in-room features.

Hotel Suite
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 75,000.00

Board Room



Nothing is more important than providing comfort and suitable environment while discussing and presenting great ideas. Change the ambience of your meeting from a group discussion to a presentation theme with a touch of a button. Blend in your projectors and screens with the interiors and draw them out only when you need.

Board Room
*Price is exclusive of VAT.
Starting at:Rs 50,000.00